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Rail Explorer

Rail explorer is an exciting web based interactive tool to engage young people in discovering our national railway system.

The tool explores all aspects of rail travel – its history, moving people, how the railway works and the experience of rail travel and combines knowledge based interaction exploration with fun, practical exercises, games and activities that can be undertaken with friends in the real world.

The resource have been developed in partnership with Scouting Ireland, who have unrivalled expertise in working with and producing education material for young people. Scouting Ireland will also use Rail Explorer in their new and exciting ONE Programme under their special interest badges area.

Rail Explorer presents our railway system in a new, exciting and engaging way. It is a new departure for Irish Rail - to engage young people and adults in the rail experience rather than present a series of ‘must not do’, rules and penalties. Railways are dangerous places, but they also amaze and excite and through this resource Irish Rail can allow engagement and excitement to happen in safety.

Most people experience rail travel as a passenger not realising that over 4000 people work on our railways and enable millions of people to travel in comfort and safety each year.

Rail Explorer presents all of the concerns for safety in a way that young people can fully appreciate the reasons why safety has to be to the fore. It is hoped that young people will respond and react based on knowledge and not fear which is often conveyed to the public via signage.

The Rail explorer is for everyone – young and old that has an interest in rail travel. There are many gems to be discovered from the stories of the first railways and the lives of the navvy workman to the modern maintenance systems employed to keep the rail fleet moving.

Rail Explorer (35MB)