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Our Intermodal business specialises in the transport of ISO containers or tanks in full trainloads.

The maximum train size permitted on the network is 42 TEU's between Dublin and Cork and 36 TEU's on all other routes.

The lines between Ballina and Dublin Port and Ballina and Waterford Port are cleared to carry 9'6” high cube containers on standard floor wagons, thus allowing a dramatic increase in possible payloads on trains.

The ability to use these wagons further increases both the flexibility and the viability of using rail and now makes it possible to save nearly 9,000 road journeys per year. The company is now checking what works would need to be undertaken on the route between Portarlington and Cork to allow similar payload improvements.

A new rail spur was recently opened in Dublin Port which also significantly improves the competitiveness of Intermodal traffic to/from the port.

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