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Leap Card

Are Annual cards being issued on Leap in Cork?

Yes, Annual cards are available on Leap cards in Cork.

Are Leap cards available for combined journeys with Bus Éireann in Cork?

Yes combined Rail and Bus Tickets are available on the Cork to Midleton route for more information please see our Fares Section.

Can I purchase a Leap weekly or monthly card at a ticket machine in stations in Cork?

Yes for more information please visit our Fares Sections.

Can I use an epurse Leap card to travel in Cork?

Yes Leap epurse is now available in Cork for more information please visit our Fares Sections.

Does the Leap 90 discount affect the Leap Card Luas or Multi-Operator Caps?

No, capping operates in the background independently of the 'Leap 90 Discount'. Once a customer hits the Leap Card single or Multi-Operator caps for a day or week they won’t be charged any more that day or week.  The customer will receive 'Leap 90 Discounts' for each applicable journey until they reach a cap.

Does this Leap 90 Discount apply to all Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter rail trips?

It applies to all DART/Commuter rail journeys that are preceded by a journey on Dublin Bus or Luas using Leap travel credit that were commenced within the previous 90 minutes.

It applies to all Dublin Bus journeys (excluding Airlink) that are preceded by a journey on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART or Commuter rail using Leap travel credit that were commenced within the previous 90 minutes.

It applies to all Luas journeys that are preceded by a journey on Dublin Bus or DART/Commuter rail using Leap travel credit that were commenced within the previous 90 minutes.

Please note: It does not apply to people switching directly from Luas to Luas or from DART/Commuter rail to DART/Commuter rail as these journeys already have specific discounted fares, and the Leap 90 discount will not apply.

Errors in reading a Leap Card

Gates and Poles may on occasion fail to identify the Touch-On / Touch-Off. It is up to the customer to ensure the card has been read successfully. The two main reasons for card failure are:

1. Incorrect Positioning of Smart Card
If the Leap Card is not placed against the reader/'target' on the pole or gate, it will not be read. Ensure that the card is held steadily against the Card reading 'target' for at least a second.
Do not wave the card over the Smart Card reading target. Do not put the Smart Card into the horizontal paper ticket slot on a gate .

2. Smart Card Interference
Remove the Leap Card from your wallet or bag before using it. Other Smart Cards you may have in your wallet or bag can cause interference with this card, which will make it inoperable.

How do I claim a refund if I have been over charged?

If you have any queries or concerns then you can contact Leap customer care on 1850 824 824 and the team will investigate and liaise with you directly.

How do I view my Leap Card balance?

At a ticket Machine in the station

Put your card in the 'pocket' and then follow the instructions on the ticket machine screen.


Log on to to view your account history and you will be able to view your card balance.

How does Capping work?

The system adds up how much travel credit you have used on the applicable services you have travelled on for a given day or week and then it stops taking any more fares once the applicable Cap value is reached.

For more information, go to Leap Card Capping.

Is Leap Card available for rail services in Cork?

Yes, see our Cork Smart Card section for further details on products available and applicable routes.

Schoolchild Leap Cards

For information on schoolchild Leap Cards go to our ticket information section

Using a Vending Machine to Top-Up your Leap Card

1. Place the Leap Card in the slot provided.
2. Select the Top-Up Amount from options shown on the screen
3. Insert the amount selected - Notes/Coins/Credit or Debit Cards accepted
4. Remove the Leap Card from the pocket as indicated on screen
5. Your Leap Card is now Topped Up and ready for immediate use

What happens when I reach the Leap Cap?

When you get close to a Daily or Weekly Cap you will only be charged the amount to bring you up to the Cap. After you have reached a Cap you will be charged €0.00 for subsequent travel that day or over the Week (Mon-Sun). Make sure you still 'touch-on' and 'touch-off' your Leap Card even when you have reached the daily or weekly cap.

What is a Leap Card?

A Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that can be used instead of paper tickets to pay-as-you-go for transport in Dublin. This card is used to store travel credit that is deducted as and when you use it when travelling on public transport.

Customers pay less with a Leap Card than when paying for single fares with cash on DART and Commuter rail services, Dublin Bus and Luas services.

Customers can register their Leap Card online, so if it's lost or stolen, no one else can use it.

For more information, go to

What is Capping?

The Leap Card system Caps a customers use of travel credit so that once you hit the cap value you can continue to travel as normal on the applicable transport operator, but no further travel credit will be taken from your card on their services.

Once you hit the Cap value for the day of the week, you should continue to use their Leap Card as normal when travelling. You should still Touch On and Touch Off as normal in order to have a valid card for inspection.

If you make lots of trips with your Leap Card on a daily or weekly (Mon to Sun) basis, a maximum Cap value will be applied to your travel credit spend.

For more information, go to Leap Card Capping.

What is the 'Leap 90 Discount'?

When a Leap Card user takes two or more trips on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART/Commuter rail within 90 minutes of each other, a “Leap 90 Discount” of €1 will be automatically applied to their second and subsequent fares.

People aged 18 and younger with a Child Leap Card will enjoy a 75c discount on their second and subsequent fares.

Leap Card holders do not have to do anything to activate these discounts; they kick-in automatically when customers use travel credit as normal – on all legs of their journey.

Furthermore, the daily and weekly caps remain in place, whereby all travel is free of charge once a daily or weekly ceiling is reached. The new Leap 90 discounts operate alongside the capping scheme

Please note: It does not apply to people switching directly from Luas to Luas or from DART/Commuter rail to DART/Commuter rail as these journeys already have specific discounted fares, and the Leap 90 discount will not apply.

Points to note

  • The Leap 90 discount applies only to fares paid using travel credit on the Leap Card
  • 90 minute time period starts at initial Touch On ie when you start your first trip
  • Where the second trip is for a fare that is less than €1, then discount will equal the lower amount eg if the second trip is a city centre fare for 60 cents, the discount will be 60 cents
  • It does not apply to travelling companions sharing a single Leap card
  • It does not apply to Bus Éireann, Swords Express, Airlink, Dublin Bus Tour services, City Direct, Matthews Coaches, Wexford Bus and Collins Coaches
  • These discounts are being introduced on a promotional basis and may be subject to change

What is Touch-On and Touch-Off?

At the start of the journey, you need to 'Touch-On' using your Leap Card at a gate or validation pole. At the end of a journey you must 'Touch-Off' to ensure the correct fare is applied.

Touch-On - Identifies the origin of the journey
Touch-Off - Identifies the destination of the journey

If you don't Touch-On you are committing fare evasion.
If you don’t Touch-Off you will pay more.

Tagging on at our gate;

  • Hold the Leap Card against the Smart Card reader on the gate
  • If you have credit on your Leap Card, the gate will open and allow you to enter and start your journey
  • Your current ePurse balance will appear on the display on the gate

What is travel credit and how does it work?

Travel Credit works in a similar way to mobile phone credit. Every time you use the card to travel the cost of the journey is deducted. If there is insufficient no credit on the card it cannot be used for any further journeys until it is 'Topped Up' at a ticket machine or online at

There are no Top-Up facilities at Ticket Offices.

What routes in Cork are Leap weekly and monthly cards available on?

Leap card products can be used on the Cork – Cobh/Midleton routes.

What time constitutes a Daily or Weekly Cap?

A Daily Cap runs from the first service of the day to the last service in that same day.

A Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) runs from the first service on a Monday to the last service on a Sunday.

Where can I buy a Leap Card?

Leap Cards can be purchased at Ticket Vending Machines in stations within the Short Hop Zone or online at or in selected retail outlets.

Where does the Leap Card work?

The Leap Card can be used for rail travel between stations within the 'Short Hop Zone'. This Zone includes all stations in the Dublin area from Kilcoole to Balbriggan and Commuter Stations from Dublin City Centre to Kilcock and from Dublin Heuston to Sallins and Naas.

Why should I register my Leap Card?

There are a number of benefits as follows;

  • Leap Card will be protected against loss or theft (as long as you report it missing/stolen)
  • You won't need to complete an online form for every online Top-Up
  • You can view your card history and usage
  • You can manage additional Leap Cards through your account (eg child's Leap Card)