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Go Home, Students!

You need a bit of looking after

As college starts up again after the end of semester exams we know college life will start to return to its usual chaotic self. Students will return to the typical ‘student life’ of going out too much, cramming for assignment deadlines, pulling all-nighters and failing to eat properly.

This inevitably takes its toll so why not travel home to mammy for some well needed TLC to help you recover from the madness. We know it’s becoming more expensive year on year for college students and most will be strapped for cash. To combat this, we have fantastic student fares on offer to help you make great savings! 

Student Return Fares
Dublin To/FromPrice
Cork €32.50
Galway €23.00
Kerry €36.00
Limerick €23.00
Sligo €24.00
Waterford €22.00
Westport €34.00
Wexford €22.00

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