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Timetable changes from 9th December

28 November 2018

Changes to Northern, Maynooth and Phoenix Park Tunnel Commuter services; Sligo and Rosslare Intercity services

Iarnród Éireann is implementing timetable alterations from 9th December 2018, following public consultation and approval by the National Transport Authority.

There will be timetable changes on the following routes:

  • Northern Commuter
  • Dublin to Maynooth/M3 Parkway/Longford Commuter
  • Dublin Sligo Intercity
  • Dublin Rosslare Intercity
  • Grand Canal Dock/Hazelhatch/Newbridge Commuter
  • DART

Key elements of the new timetables are:

  • More frequent off-peak and weekend services between Maynooth/Drogheda and Connolly, including extended morning and evening operating hours between Maynooth and Connolly on Sundays
  • Introduction of Monday to Friday off-peak services between Hazelhatch and Grand Canal Dock, via Phoenix Park Tunnel
  • An additional Monday to Friday service each way between Sligo and Dublin Connolly
  • Time alterations on Rosslare Europort/Dublin Connolly services
  • More even intervals on DART services on Saturdays

In addition, to address feedback from customers arising from the changed schedules in September, the following further alterations will be made:

  • A number of morning Northern Commuter services will additionally serve Portmarnock, Clongriffin and Howth Junction; and one evening Northern Commuter service will additionally serve Clongriffin and Portmarnock, to balance capacity
  • Additional early morning 06.52hrs Connolly to Malahide DART service to provide connection to northbound Northern Commuter service for DART customers at intermediate stations
  • Revised timings on Sligo/Dublin Connolly route services to improve punctuality
  • A number of other minor schedule alterations to improve punctuality

Full details are available by searching the journey planner above.

A summary of changes is below including changes arising from public consultation.

Summary of changes from 9th December 2018

Maynooth, M3 Parkway and Longford

  • New earlier 05.58hrs Maynooth to Connolly
  • Six additional off-peak services each way daily Dublin Connolly to Maynooth (Mon to Fri) delivering half-hourly off-peak service during the day and up to 21.00hrs
  • 13 additional off-peak services each way on Saturday Dublin Connolly to Maynooth delivering half-hourly service from 08.00hrs to 19.00hrs approx.
  • 11 additional off-peak services each way on Sunday Dublin Connolly to Maynooth delivering:
    • New earlier 08.00hrs Maynooth to Connolly
    • Half-hourly service on Sundays from 11.00hrs to 19.00hrs approx
    • Services extended to 23.00hrs approx. on Sunday evenings
  • M3 Parkway hourly service extended on Sunday evenings to provide connections at Clonsilla to and from later Maynooth services.
  • Alteration to running time of 17.17hrs Connolly to Longford between Mullingar and Longford

Northern Commuter

  • Three additional services from Connolly to Drogheda on Mondays to Fridays at 07.50hrs, 09.10hrs and 15.22hrs
  • Additional 06.52hrs DART Connolly to Malahide, to connect to northbound Northern Commuter service for customers from intermediate DART stations
  • Three additional services from Drogheda to Connolly on Mondays to Fridays at 09:00, 10:10 and 16:28
    • Results in increase in service to at least 2 trains per hour in each direction for majority of the day
  • From public consultation: A number of Saturday only Northern Commuter services will additionally serve Howth Junction, Clongriffin and Portmarnock stops
  • 22.05hrs Connolly/Drogheda service on Saturdays advanced to 21.45hrs.
  • New service on Saturdays from Connolly to Dundalk at 22:45
  • 11 additional services on Sundays, delivering hourly service all day in each direction

Phoenix Park Tunnel (Grand Canal Dock to Hazelhatch)

  • Hourly off-peak service on Mondays to Fridays between Grand Canal Dock and Hazelhatch during the day and up to 23.20 at night


  • Additional service Connolly to Sligo Monday to Friday: 06.55hrs and 09.05hrs Connolly to Sligo will operate, replacing existing 08.00hrs Connolly to Sligo
  • Saturday only 09.05hrs Connolly to Sligo will operate, replacing existing 08.00hrs Connolly to Sligo
  • Additional service Sligo to Connolly Monday to Saturday: 16.55hrs (17.00hrs Saturday) and 19.00hrs Sligo to Dublin Connolly, replacing existing 18.00hrs Sligo to Connolly
  • Altered running times to a number of existing services, including 07.05hrs Sligo to Dublin Connolly advanced to 06.40hrs
  • From public consultation: 18.00hrs Sligo to Dublin Connolly (Sunday) is deferred to 19.00hrs

Rosslare Europort

  • Monday to Friday: 17.33hrs Connolly to Wexford extended to Rosslare Europort; 18.35hrs Connolly to Rosslare Europort will terminate at Wexford
  • Saturday 09.40hrs Connolly to Rosslare Europort advanced to 08.05hrs
  • Sunday 09.45hrs Connolly to Rosslare Europort deferred to 10.25hrs; 09.30hrs Rosslare Europort to Connolly deferred to 09.40hrs


  • Minor Saturday and Sunday time alterations