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Refurbishment of Locomotive 075

29 August 2018

Loco 075 was refurbished over recent months by the CME Department in Inchicore

Our Chief Mechanical Engineer's Department maintain all of the Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail train fleet and provide cleaning, maintenance and other associated works to keep our fleet safe, clean and fully operational. Our fleet includes all DARTInterCity Railcar (ICR)Commuter and diesel Locomotives which combined exceed 900 rail vehicles. The majority of the fleet is used to operate passenger services with additional stock assigned to provide freight services on our Rail Network. Maintenance and cleaning is provided 24/7 to our rolling stock at a number of Depots throughout the country. Other Fleet projects are handled by the CME Department such as specifying and ordering new rolling stock and modifying, improving and overhauling the existing fleet when required.

071 Class locomotives were brought into service back in the late 1970's after being ordered from General Motors in the U.S. They were used for all CIE/Iarnród Éireann passenger services for twenty plus years until they were phased out during the 1990's. Twenty one locomotives in total with ordered with three being used by NIR and eighteen used by Iarnród Éireann for passenger services. These locomotives weighed 99 tons and had a maximum speed of 90 mph. They were delivered with the black and orange 'Supertrain' livery which replaced the previous black and tan colour scheme. When the locomotives began to be phased out from operating passenger services they were moved onto freight and permanent way trains. For the last twenty years these locomotives have operated the Tara Mines, timber and other freight and permanent way services and they are still in service today. In 2013 a refurbishment programme was started whereby all eighteen locomotives of the 071 class family would receive an overhaul, corrosion repairs, new panels, refurbished bogies, new cabs and a new slate grey livery.

Recently an 071 class locomotive was brought into Inchicore Depot to be hauled. The overhaul to locomotive 075 started back in April, 2018 and involved the complete stripping down of the locomotive structure to bring it back to its former glory. The refurbishment work was carried out by a team of dedicated and professional staff in Inchicore and the project was managed by Derek Murphy and the train presentation remote team. The loco was showing her age when it arrived into the Depot and it took a couple of months before the refurbishment works was completed. Below are some images from the refurbishment process which details the considerable amount of work that was involved. We would like to thank all the staff involved with this and other refurbishments projects for doing a fantastic job.

075 - 5Loco 075 after arriving on the ramps in Inchicore Work, April 2018.

075 - 8

This image shows some of the corrosion to Loco 075 after many years of service. 

075 - 2The locomotive in it's raw state stripped back with the cab removed.

075 - 3This image shows all the old side doors removed from the entire locomotive.

075 - 4The locomotive with the cab rebuilt with all new panel and some new doors added including louvre panels.

075 - 9Locomotive 075 leaving the ramps and heading towards the paint shop to get a new coat of paint.

075 - 6The Paint Shop team pictured in front of loco 075 after body overhaul and repaint in the Paint Shop.

075 - 7The Remote team in front of loco 075 after body overhaul and repaint in ramps workshop

Accident in Finaghy

Locomotive 075 was involved in an incident on the 7th April, 1998. The locomotive rear-ended the 04:30hrs liner from Dundalk at Finaghy which is just outside Belfast City while the locomotive was working the 04:35hrs Dundalk to Belfast bulk cement train. Loco 075 suffered minor damage and was hauled back to Inchicore for repair soon after. The breakdown gang at the time included our current Chief Executive, Jim Meade who along with his colleagues recovered the locomotive and brought it back to Inchicore. After some repairs the locomotive re-entered traffic in March 1999.

For more information on the 071 class locomotive please read the very informative article from Journal 191 which was published by our colleagues in the Irish Railway Records Society. All the information in the article was compiled by Ciaran Cooney and was published in October 2016.


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