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Revised fares from 1st December 2018

18 October 2018

Fare revisions following a determination by the National Transport Authority

Iarnród Éireann advises customers that, following a determination by the National Transport Authority (NTA), revised fares will apply on some services from 1st December 2018. For December Taxsaver renewals, revised fares will apply from 1st November. 

All station fares and Leap card revised fares will apply from Monday 3rd of December.

Full Iarnród Éireann fare determination details are available to download from the NTA website (from page 31).

The NTA has highlighted the following changes in the fares determination:

Short Hop Zone

  • Dublin ShortHop Zone (SHZ) Monthly and Annual fare reducing by 5.8 percent
  • Fare for multi-operator monthly and annual tickets for bus in Dublin, rail in the SHZ and Luas reducing by 6.0 percent while other multi-operator fares will not change
  • Adjustments to SHZ fares in preparation for a short distance fare and a 90 minute fare across Dublin area public transport
    • Zone 1 in the SHZ divided to ensure short trips of about 4 km or less are charged at a short fare rate, while trips over 4 km are included in the 90-minute fare
    • Current SHZ zone 1 Origins and Destinations split into zone 1 and new zone 2: zone 1 fares to drop by up to 6 percent while new zone 2 fares to increase by up to 17 percent, which affects a small number of commuters
    • SHZ fares in zone 3 and zone 4 to drop by up to 7.9 percent while zone 5 and zone 6 to increase by between 2.0 percent and 3.3 percent
  • Schoolchild Leap to remain at 80 cent and schoolchild cash to remain at €1.25
  • No increase in SHZ family fares

Intercity season tickets

  • No increase applied to the most common monthly and annual Intercity season fares, with other monthlies and annuals increasing by a maximum of 1.7 percent
  • New Dublin urban annual add-on fare of €600 for commuters who already have an annual ticket on Iarnród Éireann Intercity services to allow travel on Dublin City bus or Luas services (ticket to be introduced in 2019)

Intercity single and return tickets

  • Most Intercity express single fares down by 5 percent for the second year in a row making these fares cheaper than they were in 2012
  • Intercity economy 1 and economy 2 single and day returns to merge with an average increase of 2.6 percent
  • Increase of up to 13.6 percent on student Intercity ticket office fares in an effort to encourage students to purchase on-line fares at lower prices to allow better management of train operations

Cork Commuter

  • Cork commuter Leap fares to increase by between 0 percent and 1.8 percent, cash fares to increase by up to 4.8 percent but this can be avoided by switching to Leap
  • No increase in Cork commuter Family fares

Full information on all NTA public transport fare determinations are available at the NTA website.