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Timetable alterations from Monday 17th September due to customer feedback

14 September 2018

Additional stops to be added at Clongriffin and Portmarnock to ease capacity issues

Iarnród Éireann introduced a new timetable on Sunday 9th September to provide enhanced DART frequency. As with all timetables a period of bedding in is needed to ensure that the new timetable meets customers’ needs. Whilst the vast majority of this new timetable has provided an enhanced service to DART commuters and provided for the provision of additional off-peak commuter services from December of this year, some capacity issues have arisen.

The main issue that has arisen is around capacity on the Northside of Dublin, as a direct response to customer feedback we are making the following changes from Monday 17th September next:

Portmarnock will have two additional services:

  • 07:29hrs Portmarnock to Pearse
  • 07:42hrs Portmarnock to Bray

Clongriffin will have the following extra service:

  • 07:45hrs Clongriffin to Bray

Iarnród Éireann believes that these changes will address the capacity issues that have arisen particularly at inner DART stations such as Harmonstown and Killester and the frequency concerns from customers from Portmarnock and Clongriffin. Portmarnock now has the same number of peak morning services as it had before the timetable change and Clongriffin has one extra.