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DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter Accessibility Policy

Following a review of accessibility on DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter, and consultation with users and representative bodies, Iarnród Éireann has launched a brand new Improved Accessibility Policy, a new zonal system to provide better service and quicker response times for DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter and Dublin Connolly to Balbriggan accessibility users. This policy divides the 31 stations on the DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter line into 13 zones, with each zone including between one to four stations. One station in each zone will always manned (a Hub station) and will provide support to other stations in that zone (Non Hub stations).

Hub System Explained

  • A Hub station is a manned location / a Non Hub station is an unmanned location
  • A Hub station may be contacted in advance to arrange assistance for all mobility impaired passengers, alternatively contact may be made through Iarnród Éireann customer care
  • Contact details are displayed (in the booking hall e.g. below) for the nearest Hub and alternative at all Non Hub locations, also through the Irishrail website
  • In the event a mobility impaired passenger that requires assistance arrives at an Non-Hub location without advance contact, the displayed numbers of nearest Hub or Alternative may be contacted where the rail operative will arrange and travel to provide assistance
  • The Hub Zone station system layout for the DART Network is assessable through the Irishrail website

 See our Step by Step Guide below.

Step by Step Guide to Accessiblity on DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter services

  1. Please select below from our Departure Station List which station you will be departing from and you will be guided to the relevant Zone, alternatively, click the link to view our zonal chart
  2. Once guided to the relevant Zone, call the number provided for the Zone (see Station Contact Hours) and inform the staff member of your travel details as recommended, four hours in advance
  3. Then on arrival at your departure station, make yourself known to staff and they will ensure your safe passage onto the train and arrival at your destination station

Station Contact Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 06:00hrs - 24:00hrs
  • Saturday: 07:00hrs - 24:00hrs
  • Sunday: 09:00hrs - 24:00hrs

For more information download our DART Improved Accessibility Guide or why not try our handy wallet sized guide.

Zone 1 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6301 for:





Zone 2 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6240 for:





Zone 3 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6180 for:

Sandycove and Glasthule

Salthill and Monkstown

Dún Laoghaire 


Zone 4 Departure Stations
Call (01) 888 0187 for:




Sydney Parade


Zone 5 Departure Stations
Call (01) 888 0184 for:


Lansdowne Road 


Zone 6 Departure Stations
Call (01) 703 3633 for:

Grand Canal Dock

Dublin Pearse


Zone 7 Departure Stations
Call (01) 888 0154 for:
Tara Street 


Zone 8 Departure Stations
Call (01) 703 2358 for:
Dublin Connolly 


Zone 9 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6460 for:

Clontarf Road



Zone 10 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6800 for:





Zone 11 Departure Stations

Call (01) 828 6840 for:

Howth Junction and Donaghmede



Zone 12 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6920 for:




Zone 13 Departure Stations
Call (01) 828 6960 for:





Commuter Stations
Call (01) 7032507 for:




Call (01) 888 0049 for:




Leixlip Confey

Navan Road Parkway

Call (01) 628 5509 for:

Leixlip Louisa Bridge


Call (01) 828 1360 for:



Rush and Lusk


Useful Information

Passenger Assistance Prototype App

We are now exploring a new way our customers can book assisted travel services through a prototype app that has the potential to improve the experience for all, delivering a more streamlined and efficient passenger assistance service. We are currently looking for passengers to test this prototype. See here for more details.

Aural and Visual

All DART stations have electronic information screens and/or public address announcements.

Car Parking

Not all DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter stations have parking please check your station before travelling. For stations with car parks, they have designated car parking spaces for European Parking Card holders. They are provided at a convenient location on a concrete or tarmac surface, with dropped kerbs and non-slip pavements where appropriate.  


All DART, Maynooth and Northern Commuter stations have automated ticket barriers with at least one wider gate for wheelchair users or others who may need it. One gate always remains open when stations are unmanned.

Guide Dogs

Guide/Assistant dogs working and in training are permitted to travel on all Iarnród Éireann services without restriction, as long as they are always clearly identifiable by coat or harness.


Our staff will use ramps to help you on or off our trains if required. 4 hours advance notice is recommended to ensure staff can be redeployed to assist you on or off our services.

At some stations there is a gap between the platform and the carriages which may create difficulty for people who are visually impaired or have mobility impairments and assistance may be required when boarding or alighting from the train.

Wheelchairs and Powered Scooters

As scooters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, many have problems on trains, being unable to manoeuvre safely inside a carriage.

These problems mean that trains cannot carry some scooters, if you are a scooter-user who wants to travel by rail, you should inform your departure station when contacting them to ensure your scooter can be accommodated.