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I regularly travel on the Maynooth line/M3 Parkway, what will DART+ West do for me?

Maynooth line customers will benefit from more frequent and reliable services after the project is finished. There is currently a maximum of 7 trains per hour in each direction. After DART+ West is completed, services will have the ability to increase to 15 trains per hour per direction, subject to demand. Also, the type of train you will be travelling on will be different. They will be a DART type electric or battery-electric train. These trains are more environmentally friendly than the current diesel-powered trains which will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and supports the Governments Climate Action Plan. The utilisation of DART trains on the Maynooth Line will increase the passenger carrying capacity from 4,500 to 13,750 passenger per hour per direction. This will address the train overcrowding issues reported by customers in 2018/2019. The project will link good quality public transport to sustainable land use management and can also assist in local regeneration, economic development and support the development of new communities along the route. This is a key objective of Project Ireland 2040 and the National Planning Framework. The integration of public transport with sustainable land use planning will reduce the dependency on private car use and ultimately support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. DART+ will integrate with other public transport modes (Bus, Luas and the future MetroLink) as well as walking and cycling infrastructure. This will have a positive effect on transport patterns and lifestyle choices. The provision of sustainable transport network supports options for where people live, work, study, access services and use public amenities. It can promote more active and healthy modes of travel by supporting people to walk or cycle to public transport links for onward transfer to their end destinations