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My house backs on to the existing railway line. What will the impact be?

Construction Phase

In order to maintain services during the day, the majority of the construction works along the railway line itself will take place at night. Works outside of the live railway corridor can progress during the day (i.e. construction of bridges associated with level crossing replacements, the construction of the depot, substations, construction compounds). Every effort will be made to avoid, reduce, and/or mitigate negative impacts, however, there is likely to be some disturbance experienced for those in close proximity to the railway line caused by noise, lighting or fencing/hoarding erected associated with the construction activities. The types of construction work required at each specific location will determine the type of impact that may affect the area/your property. However, there will be general linear works required along the full length, such as:
  • Overhead electrification equipment along the full extent of the railway line. This will be similar in style to that currently used on the existing DART network.
  • Modifications to the existing rail bridges such as modifications to the structure, track lowering or a combination of both.
  • Substations will be required at intervals along the rail line to provide power to the network.
  • Signalling upgrades and additional signalling will be required to the upgraded infrastructure. 
Interfaces with existing utilities, boundary treatments, drainage works, vegetation management and other ancillary works will be required along the length of the project. Upon appointment of a construction contractor a dedicated Community Liaison Officer will be put in place to communicate details of upcoming works and every potential mitigation will be put in place to minimise the disruption that may occur.

Operational Phase

During the operational phase, the sound from the trains and greenhouse gas emissions will reduce significantly. At certain locations, some parapet heightening or protection of the electricity wires will be required. All likely significant effects during both the construction and operational phases will be identified and detailed in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report with a detailed schedule of mitigation measures identified to reduce those potential effects.