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What is the 'Leap 90 Discount'?

When a Leap Card user takes two or more trips on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART/Commuter rail within 90 minutes of each other, a “Leap 90 Discount” of €1 will be automatically applied to their second and subsequent fares.

People aged 18 and younger with a Child Leap Card will enjoy a 75c discount on their second and subsequent fares.

Leap Card holders do not have to do anything to activate these discounts; they kick-in automatically when customers use travel credit as normal – on all legs of their journey.

Furthermore, the daily and weekly caps remain in place, whereby all travel is free of charge once a daily or weekly ceiling is reached. The new Leap 90 discounts operate alongside the capping scheme

Please note: It does not apply to people switching directly from Luas to Luas or from DART/Commuter rail to DART/Commuter rail as these journeys already have specific discounted fares, and the Leap 90 discount will not apply.

Points to note

  • The Leap 90 discount applies only to fares paid using travel credit on the Leap Card
  • 90 minute time period starts at initial Touch On ie when you start your first trip
  • Where the second trip is for a fare that is less than €1, then discount will equal the lower amount eg if the second trip is a city centre fare for 60 cents, the discount will be 60 cents
  • It does not apply to travelling companions sharing a single Leap card
  • It does not apply to Bus Éireann, Swords Express, Airlink, Dublin Bus Tour services, City Direct, Matthews Coaches, Wexford Bus and Collins Coaches
  • These discounts are being introduced on a promotional basis and may be subject to change