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Why is a new Depot required?

In order to support the DART+ Programme, a new Depot is being provided. The new Depot will accommodate maintenance of the new DART+ electrical carriages. DART+ provides for the provision of up to 600 DART carriages. The existing DART Depot cannot accommodate the maintenance of the increased number carriages associated with DART+. Iarnród Éireann estimate that there will be approximately 100 staff employed at the depot to support the DART+ maintenance functions, together with accommodating approximately 50 drivers. The Depot will be designed as a Centre of Excellence and to the best industry standards. All buildings will be designed to Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) design code. This will result in very low (if not zero) energy consumption. The design will incorporate energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental improvement measures to a high industry standard. Trains will enter the DART+ Maintenance Depot and pass through a train wash to the service area. Once servicing and internal cleaning is complete, the trains will either move to the main depot building for exams or a stabling area for night time storage.