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Are there wheelchair accessible spaces on trains?

Yes. There are a limited number of wheelchair accessible spaces on each train, it is important therefore that you book your space in advance.

You can book this space by contacting your local station and advising them of the date(s) and service(s) you intend to travel on. They will then record this and make sure that a staff member is available to assist you on the day(s) of travel.

Alternatively, you can reserve the wheelchair space on a number of Dublin/Cork services. To do this you need to do the following;

  • Input your travel criteria and click 'Go'
  • Select the service(s) you wish to travel on
  • Choose the number of tickets required and click 'Buy Ticket' (If you are in possession of a DSP pass then you need to select 'Reserve Seat Only'.)
  • Input name(s) of passengers
  • Click 'Select Your Own Seat'
  • Click the wheelchair icon if available and proceed with booking. 
Trains with wide, power- operated doors and dedicated wheelchair spaces operate on most of our services. It should be noted that some stations there is a gap between the platform and the carriages which may create difficulty for people who are visually impaired or have mobility impairments and assistance may be required when boarding or alighting from the train.

We can accommodate wheelchair or powered scooters up to 700mm in width and 1200 mm long (including footplates) height 1435mm including occupant a maximum weight of 300kg including occupant and a turning radius of 900mm.

For safety reasons if your wheelchair or mobility scooter is larger that the permitted dimensions, we cannot accept it as the wheelchair or scooter may not be able to turn corners on board the train.