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How does GoCar work?

GoCar is a ‘subscribe and drive’ system. In order to rent any GoCar you must firstly become a member of the GoCar service. Signing up is easy! All you need to do is sign up online at and complete the online form. Then you will need to send in a photo or scanned copy of your driving licence. If you complete the application form and send in your licence before 4pm Monday-Friday then they will put your GoCard in the post the same day! Once you have your GoCard you are free to book GoCars all across Dublin and Cork. You can book a GoCar from 5 minutes in advance to 6 weeks depending on availability.

Once you have made your booking you arrive to your selected GoCar and hold your GoCard up to the windscreen, wait for the doors to open and then hop in! Enter your PIN into the console in the glove box and take the keys and go! When you’re finished with your GoCar return it to the GoBase you picked it up from and replace the keys into the glove box, make sure to lock the car with your GoCard.