How can we help?

No Online Tickets Why?

The journey that you have selected may not be bookable for several reasons. Below are some of the reasons why there are no online tickets available to book - 
  1. All of the available ticket types (Low, Semi Flex and Full Flex) are sold out online.
  2. The future booking date selected is beyond 90 days in advance. Our services can only be booked up to 90 days from the current date.
  3. The booking query is being made less than 60 minutes prior to the train departure.
  4. The origin or destination station/s selected may be within the suburban area and may not be bookable online. Tickets for these locations should be bought at your local station either at the booking office or from a ticket vending machine (TVM)
  5. The booking dates may be blocked off due to planned engineering works. Once the revised schedule has been finalised, these services will be available to book once again.
  6. There may be a technical issue with our booking system.
For further information please contact the Digital Channels Department or our Customer Care Team.