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What traffic assessment and traffic modelling has been undertaken to inform the assessments?

The Maynooth Line Transport Study (CSEA/Systra, July 2019) is the reference document in relation to the traffic impact appraisal of level crossing closures and the traffic mitigation provided by providing additional bridges across the rail/canal corridor. This is provided in Annex 3.1 of the Preliminary Option Selection Report provided on the Public Consultation website. Section 3 of this report (Page 32) provides information on all automatic traffic counts (35 No.) and junction turning counts (48 No.) undertaken. Figure 3.1 and Figure 3.11 shows the locations of each automatic traffic count and junction turning count. This information was used to calibrate and validate the local area model, to provide an accurate representation of traffic movements within the study area. Section 4.2 of this report (Page 56) details the overall methodology followed in the road based assessment.