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Niamh's Interrail Diary Part 5 - Vienna

Our train journey from Prague to Vienna was the most interesting/stressful one as of yet! We were one of the first few people to board the train so quickly secured our luggage in the racks and sat down at the first four seater we could find! We were all delighted as we had not managed to secure seats together in any of our other train journeys!

Wouldn't you know, it was too good to be true! Along came an American couple to inform us we were sitting in their reserved seats. We hadn't even checked if the seats were reserved. So we had to grab our luggage and trek down to the last carriage which was the only one with available seats! We were spread out in the carriage, Dermot and Robyn at the back, myself and Laura at the front. It took us a while to realise but we were actually seated in a designated children's carriage which I had never seen before! They had cartoons playing for the kids and a little seating area for them to watch the cartoons for the long journey ahead!

The inspector allowed us sit there for a while but when more people started to board with kids we were moved yet again! We had to stand for about a half hour until the next stop until eventually more people disembarked at the next stop! It was quite the stressful train journey!

When we arrived in the station we decided to get a taxi to our apartment as we hadn't researched the public transport just yet The taxi driver informed us that we were quite out of the city as he explained the city centre was district 1 and we were staying in district 20! The apartments were called the Cosy Neuburger Apartments. It was a lovely apartment inside with kitchen facilities (which we hadn't had in many places until now) and two bedrooms. It was also the first place we stayed which had functional Wifi which we were all very pleased about too!


The first night we arrived it was Laura's 21st birthday so we were determined to do something nice for her! As it was a Sunday and most supermarkets and shops are closed in Austria on a Sunday we had to walk ages to find a shop with a birthday card and some cake. We then headed out to Travelshack in Vienna which we had looked up earlier on the train which seemed to be a backpackers pub which sells crazy shots such as Fire Shots, Tequila Hammer and many more! The pub was full of tourists and there were many games going on in the pub such as pool and beer pong! This is a brilliant pub to go to meet tourists from all over the world!

As our plans had changed so last minute we hadn't had much time to research Vienna before we left Ireland so we were all unsure as to what we could do! We googled things to do in Vienna and found a theme park called Prater! We decided we could all go for the day as it was something different to do instead of sightseeing! We have all agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable days of the trip so far! We went on the highest swing in Europe which dangles you 117 metres from the ground and gave us a Birdseye view of the city! It was a bit of an expensive day out as some of the rides were quite expensive ranging in price from€3-€9! All in all I would highly recommend this park if you were in Vienna with nothing to do and a bit of cash to spare! 





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