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What is Iarnród Éireann's alcohol policy?

Alcohol is not permitted on the following services - 

  • 13:15hrs Dublin to Waterford service (Friday)
  • 15:10hrs Dublin to Waterford service (Friday)
  • 12:40hrs Waterford to Dublin service (Sunday) 
  • 15:10hrs Waterford to Dublin service (Sunday)
  • 18:05hrs Waterford to Dublin service (Sunday)
  • 13:00hrs Galway to Dublin service (Sunday)

Effective from the Friday 12th October 2018, alcohol will not be permitted on the following additional services - 

  • 11:25hrs Dublin to Galway service (Friday)
  • 13:25hrs Dublin to Waterford service (Friday)
  • 14:45hrs Dublin to Westport service (Friday)
  • 15:35hrs Dublin to Galway service (Friday)