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Dun Laoghaire (Mallin)

Timetables PDF
Dun Laoghaire (Mallin) Timetable was updated on the page. Please consult the table below for the updated schedule. Timetable is updated every 30 seconds.
Destination Origin Sch ETA Due in Latest Information
Bray 18:25 18:26 3 min Arrived Sandycove
Greystones 18:35 18:35 12 min Arrived Killiney
Bray 18:45 18:45 22 min
Bray 18:55 18:55 32 min
Greystones 19:05 19:05 42 min
Bray 19:15 19:15 52 min
Bray 19:25 19:25 62 min
Greystones 19:35 19:35 72 min
Bray 19:45 19:45 82 min
Destination Origin Sch ETA Due in Latest Information
Howth 18:34 18:33 10 min Departed Sydney Parade
Malahide 18:41 18:42 19 min Arrived Grand Canal Dock
Howth 18:54 18:55 32 min Arrived Clontarf Road
Dublin Connolly 19:00 19:00 37 min
Malahide 19:05 19:14 51 min Arrived Portmarnock
Howth 19:13 19:15 52 min Departed Howth
Malahide 19:24 19:24 61 min
Howth 19:37 19:37 74 min
Malahide 19:43 19:43 80 min
Howth 19:50 19:50 87 min

Trains indicated as being late can make up time and arrive as per schedule. This information is an estimate based on each trains last updated location. Platform information is subject to change. Where available, please refer to information screens in stations for the latest information.