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2012-02-20 at 9:09pm

James P says:

I would love if you told me why you timetable have so much time added on at the end of journey times. (Dublin-Waterfrod in particulor) at least 10-15 minutes added on for every service. How you decide which ICR sets operate which routes and who decideds to put a 3 car on busy days when it being quiet clear it not enough. An express from Waterford in the morning is great about the only thing TBH and there is none in the evenings. I do hope there is one added or one of the current services becomes one.

Speed restrictions are ment to be a short term solution and not long term like there are on the Waterford line and whats the problems with the ICR and the points at lavistown Junction trains arriving/departing to Dublin can operate at 55mph through the junction and trains arriving/departing to Waterfrod are restricted to 20 mph.

2012-02-20 at 9:38am

Railway Lines blog says:

Thanks James - we will definitely address the issue of timetable planning and fleet allocation in the blog. Broadly speaking, we do allow in the timetable for normal maintenance of the track and other infrastructure, and the speed restrictions associated with it, but we'll come back to this issue in more detail in the future.

2012-02-20 at 10:30am

Henry Hannon says:

at weekends and bank holidays I wonder if you would consider doing first class upgrades for a nominal sum, these coaches are usually empty in the main anyway

in the UK First Great Western allow this from approx £10 single and allow complementary refreshments

2012-02-20 at 12:03pm

Sandra Hennelly says:

Any chance of you introducing some time of ticket for people who travel most weekends, like the weekender card that used to exist? I have been told to book online as it's cheaper but this is not always the case, if I was to book my tickets online,including laser card charges, it will cost me €54 euro whereas when I buy my ticket in station it's €48. And the special offers that sometimes exist are never on when I'm travelling.

2012-02-20 at 3:15pm

Mark Dowling says:

Is there an RSS feed for this blog?

Can I also draw your attention to VIA Rail Canada's Transformation blog which gives a great multimedia overview of how they are spending money to improve passenger rail service? It would be great if similar articles could be posted on IE projects so when there's a bustitution on a line like Waterford-Limerick Junction that soon after people could see a video of the work which makes it clear why it was necessary to pause service.

2012-02-20 at 4:23pm

Stephen Judge says:

I want to second the request for an RSS/Atom feed for this blog to be made available. Most CMS have this function built in. A blog is pretty useless without a feed. The Irish Rail website is not the type of website people will visit every day to check if there is something new on your blog. That is what a feed is for, to provide automatic notification if a new item as well as other capabilites. Sure you may post a link to new items from your blog to Twitter or Facebook, but not everybody uses or wants to use these services. Also if you publish a feed use a service such as FeedBurner you can track statistics of the readership of your blog.

2012-02-20 at 8:01pm

guy says:

can someone tell me how to find more information about how to order train fares online ?

cheap train fares

2012-02-20 at 8:37pm

Railway Lines blog says:

You can get fares info on this page:

However, for Intercity journeys, the cheapest fares are online, and you can check the fare for your journey by clicking the Fares and tickets tab at the top of the page and searching your journey from there.

2012-02-20 at 3:50pm

Caroline says:

Please can you tell me why the 17.21 train from Dublin Connolly to Rush & Lusk does not stop at Donabate? It is very frustrating as a Donabate commuter to not be able to get this train home, especially as the timetable is the only one suitable to meet my needs. I am a working parent trying to collect children from creche, which closes as 6pm. We are not on the Dart line, so I can not understand the reason for excluding Donabate from this service? Please shed some light & more importantly, please change this service to include Donabate as a scheduled stop.

2012-02-20 at 8:10pm

oj says:

can we get more cars in the morning from wexford . People are standing up and they are old people its not right and i give up my set all the time and the mid day train from dublin to wexford is old. Why can we not have the same one as the morning just like the sligo line

2012-02-20 at 3:54pm

Jacqueline says:

Why is it that the service to and from Wexford is so bad, in fact it is non existent. It is very difficult to get to Wexford, where we have one of our main ports to the UK on any direct line. Last time I looked I needed to go to Dublin from Limerick and then go to Wexford. The cost was horrendous, and the time that it would take was mind boggling.
Recently needed to get from Dublin to Limerick due to a car breakdown. It was cheaper for me to hire a car for the journey to Limerick than it was to take the train. It is a crazy system. We are being encouraged to use public transport but the cost is a huge deterrent.
Also on another trip to Dublin my son decided to travel with us to Limerick, he tried to book on line, but was not able to do it, he phoned Heuston and he was told that if he went to the station it would cost him €72.00 for the train fare which was advertised on line for €10.00. Needless to say he didn't avail of the service. Why is there such a huge difference in price, I really don't see how you can justify ripping someone off like that. Your online service should be available up to half an hour before departure.

2012-02-20 at 6:40pm

Bob Storey says:

It is claimed that you can online book a seat only if in possession of Free Travel Pass for journeys Cork - Dublin.
I have searched the site thoroughly and cannot find how to book the seat online.
Please advise.

2012-02-20 at 12:11pm

Railway Lines Blog says:

Seat Reservations are available on most of our Intercity services & cost €3 each way. When you have selected your journey details online, see Reserve Seat dropdown option, in the Your Ticket Details section.

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