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15th October 2012


Well done to the organisers of Blog Awards Ireland in the Osprey Hotel in Naas last Saturday night. They created a fantastic atmosphere with a fun and lively ceremony, and look set to establish a key annual event for Ireland’s blogging community. Click here for full list of winners.

Obviously, we’re delighted to have won Best Corporate Blog – having only begun this blog in February, and still regarding it as an experimental work-in-progress, we take great encouragement from winning the category. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the blog, with a special mention for Gary O’Reilly who reported on the highs and lows of Euro 2012 for us back in June.  We remain in awe!

One thing that was clear was how for many in the room their blog was a labour of love. Blogs, whether they be a one-person operation or larger, were something for which so many had a true passion, and had built up over a long time.

The eclectic bunch at our table reflected the scope of those represented in the room.

There was A Year of Festivals in Ireland – one man’s campervan tour to festivals all over the country, from mushroom festivals to egg-throwing, from the smallest festival to the largest. It’s now become a weekly feature in The Ticket supplement in the Irish Times, and won Best Popculture blog.

Next was An Cailín Rua, a personal blog, the writer of which turns out to be one of our biggest fans on twitter! Ehhh... sort of.

Digital agency Gaumina who were finalists in two categories were also represented, although the mix of self-made name badges declaring they ran a digital advice blog, and our dodgy eyesight, led to bafflement on their faces when we asked “I assume you’re both dentists?”

Finally, there was the hilarious and varyingly hirsute trio from Donegal Dollop, who were also up for a couple of awards, including finalist in Best Blog post.

It was clear from the chat there, and from the twitter comments on the screen at the venue that the blogging community are a creative, witty and committed group who form an important part of the media and social media landscape.

It was great to meet and chat with so many of them, and as we promised previously, we intend to take inspiration from the event and copy all their best ideas! (But not without attributing – rule no 1 of blog club, do not fail to attribute!)


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2012-10-15 at 7:31pm

siobhan says:

Congrats on winning the award.

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