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12th December 2012


This week, we presented Customer Service awards to our staff in a range of areas.  We want to reward and highlight those members of the Iarnród Éireann team who have excelled in looking after your needs, and we want to encourage high standards of customer care amongst all staff.

Our nominees were in the following categories:

Station staff: The people who create the first impression and last impression on your journey, and are central to good customer service 

Internal Customer service: You may not meet or hear from these staff members, but they help ensure that those who do meet customers are equipped with the information and services needed to make your journey a pleasant one 

On board staff: From train hosts to ticket checkers, from drivers to revenue protection, we rewarded the people you meet on board 

Sales agent and customer service: In our sales and customer service centres, these staff members help you on the phone or online

Contractors: Catering, security, cleaning and more: our contractors play a key role in helping us provide our service to you

Commercial Excellence: A special award for staff who in their customer service role identify commercial opportunities, and boost revenue, which helps us to provide our day to day services.

Overall Customer Service award winner: The best of the best.  Our standout customer service provider of the year.

So, our winners for 2012 are:

Station staff award: Frances Bennett, Limerick Junction
Frances continually provides good customer service – Friendly, polite and listens to customers’ needs.   Appreciated and respected by our regular commuters, she will go beyond the call of duty, particularly in assisting customers in delay situations, and brings an enthusiasm and a positive attitude to her job which is greatly appreciated.

Internal Customer service: Tony Murphy, Training Centre, Inchicore
Tony has a consistently courteous and helpful manner, and is extremely professional.   He helps ensure training programmes and support services for them in our training centre in Inchicore run smoothly, so other staff can benefit in their day to day roles.

On Board Customer service: Lucy Hyland, Train Host, Cork
Lucy is very proactive with a passion for Customer Service.  She is calm and assured in assisting customers, and is on first name terms with many of her regular customers. She is dedicated to ensuring that customers have an enjoyable experience and has a very helpful nature.

Sales Agent and Customer Relations: Ann-Marie Lyons, Limerick
Ann-Marie provides good customer service, is friendly and polite with customers, and is always proactive and makes suggestions to benefit customers.  By listening to her regular customers, she was able to suggest a change to a national sales promotion campaign, which ensured more customers benefited, and also led to more people travelling by rail.

Contractor Award: Darius Gradzinskas, ISS Facility Services (contract cleaning company), Heuston
Darius, as wellas making a valuable contribution to the presentation of Heuston Station, does not see his role as ending at contracted activity.  He consistently provides outstanding customer service to those in need of assistance whether be that with directions, information or luggage transfer.  Darius, without fanfare, also intervened in a situation this summer where a person in distress in the station was about to attempt an act of self-harm, and his intervention ensured that this person received the medical support and assistance needed.

Commercial Excellence Award: Heuston Booking Office
The Heuston booking office team won this award for promoting in a customer-friendly manner first class supplement sales in the station.  Their proactive approach saw a 50% increase in supplement sales.

Kieran is known for approaching every task with a smile, and his exemplary manner and attitude is something which is widely acknowledged and respected by colleagues on a daily basis.

He pays particular attention to those customers who need more assistance: from mobility and sensory impaired customers, to foreign tourists who may have limited English.

When working in Grand Canal Dock during the Tall Ships Festival this summer, Kieran saw that the large number of families with small children and buggies was causing queues to build up for the lift facilities at the station.  Kieran saw the frustration which this was causing to families, and immediately proceeded to carry countless buggies up and down the stairs at the entrance to the station to ensure customers were not delayed.

Well done to all our winners, and the nominees in these categories also, for their efforts for you throughout the year.



2012-12-12 at 12:57pm

David says:

Are the awards voted for internally or by the public?

2012-12-12 at 2:28pm

Railway Lines blog says:

They are nominated internally at present. Our Best Station awards however are voted for by customers, which covers staff effort, information, station presentation etc. The voting period for the Best Station awards have just concluded.

2012-12-12 at 11:09pm

Billy says:

Wait, so the guy who carried buggies up a stairs trumps the guy who SAVED SOMEONES LIFE!? How exactly does that make sense!?

2012-12-12 at 11:00am

Joan Sullivan says:

Next time you are doing awards please add TOM (don't know his surname) in Connolly Station to the list. He was a complete star today retrieving and returning a lost bag. He was so pleasant and helpful on the phone. What a service! Happy Christmas to Tom and anyone else involved!

2012-12-12 at 9:35am

Vincent Murtagh says:

It's great to see that exceptional service is recognised and rewarded. Pity your IT Department are so slow in removing information which shows that there is a train service from Connolly Station to Westport.

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