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3rd July 2015


Things to See and Do in Waterford

Revel in the refreshing beauty of Waterford with a relaxing break. A visit to here could literally take you anywhere, from browsing the shops and markets of Waterford City, to learning Irish in the Ring Gaeltacht.

The city offers plenty of shopping with lots of cosy pubs to rest your weary feet in afterwards. For those of you who seek adventures, the Comeragh Mountains offer a fantastic location for cycling, climbing and hiking. If exploring historical landmarks is more your thing then you won’t be left disappointed with a trip to Waterford as it is steeped in rich historical landmarks dotted around the city.

 So, whether you’re in search of the perfect weekend break or a unique cultural experience, Waterford is the perfect place to be.

Waterford Treasures

Waterford boasts the largest collection of medieval walls and towers in the country and Waterford Treasures is a must see for any visitor. It features three museums in the Viking triangle; Medieval Museum, Bishop’s Palace and Reginald’s Tower.

These three very different museums all within a few paces of each other tell the story of Waterford, Ireland's oldest city founded by the Vikings in 914.

Medieval Museum

The Medieval Museum is currently ranked number one on the visitor attraction list in Waterford on  The museum is Ireland’s only purpose-built museum and the only building on the island to incorporate two medieval chambers; the 13th century Chorister’s Hall and the 15th century Mayor’s Wine Vault.

Among the great treasures of medieval Ireland and Europe on display here is the 4 metre long Great Charter Roll dating back to 1373. The most admired features of the Charter Roll are the quality and the number of illustrations, including portraits of Kings of England.

If you want to delve into the past and soak up some of Waterford’s history then this is the place to go.

Don't forget to show your train ticket to get 25% off admission.

Bishops Palace

The Bishop’s Palace Museum is a Palladian building faced on both sides in Leinster limestone and was built in 1743. Here, the story of Waterford from 1700 to the 1970s is told by re-enactors, their butler Mr What Why and their housekeeper Mrs Rickards.

They will transport you back in time against a backdrop of rare 18th century Irish furniture, glass silver and paintings. Don’t miss out on viewing the oldest piece of Waterford Glass which is a major highlight for each visitor!

Be sure to show your train ticket to get 25% off admission.

Reginald’s Tower

Reginald’s Tower is Waterford’s landmark monument and Ireland’s oldest civic building. Until 1700 the tower was the strongpoint of the medieval defensive walls that enclosed the city. The tower now houses a permanent exhibition on Viking Waterford. The finest examples of gold and silver secular metalwork in Ireland are on show here including the Waterford Kite Brooch.

This remarkable landmark tells the eleven hundred year old story of the tower in an imaginative and exciting way, a must-see when in Waterford.

Epic Tour

The larger-than-life tour guide will speed you through the streets and through 1100 years of Waterford's history from the Vikings to the Victorians. This tour will give you access to six national monuments ranging in date from 1190AD to 1783.

The duration of the tour is one hour so the Epic Tour is a wonderful way for you to explore the historical and archaeological sites in Waterford if you are on a time schedule.

Present your train ticket in order to get a 25% discount.

House of Waterford Crystal

The House of Waterford Crystal brings a visit to Waterford to a whole new level. Visitors can be guided on a factory tour, enjoy the largest selection of Waterford Crystal in the world in the gift shop or relax, have a bite to eat and drink in the Crystal Café.

The factory is no doubt a highlight! Visitors can get a tour of the factory and see the entire crystal making process unfold in front of their eyes. They will be brought through the blowing department, mould room, quality inspection, hand marking, cutting department, sculpting department and engraving.

A fantastic experience of the legendary Waterford Crystal factory that is sure to make you appreciate the artistry involved in the making of the pristine crystal.

Mount Congreve

Mount Congreve have the largest collection of plants in Ireland and one of the largest private collections of plants in the world, spread over 70 acres of stunning woodland including a 4 acre walled garden. 

It has to be seen in each season to fully appreciate what it has to offer. However, it’s not just for plant lovers but is also somewhere to take the family, relax and enjoy nature in all its glory and only 10 minutes from Waterford.

Mount Cosgreve


*Photos credited to Failte Ireland



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