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9th July 2015


Things to See and Do in Kilkenny

The close knit town of Kilkenny is at heart of all the action. Whether you are looking to attend one of the many epic festivals, comedy gigs or arts and crafts events Kilkenny is sure to exceed your desires. It is often referred to as the cultural heartbeat of Ireland and once you are there you will see why!

Throughout its narrow winding streets and idyllic rural setting you will find some of the most unique shopping and dining experiences you will find anywhere in Ireland.

So, if culturally rich adventures and breath-taking scenery are what you are after then look no further than taking a trip to this fantastic location!

Kilkenny City Tours

A great way to view all the medieval city of Kilkenny has to offer is by the Kilkenny road train. Kilkenny City Tours starts off at Kilkenny Castle and brings you on a 25 minute tour, while on board you will get a full historical insight into the history of Kilkenny.

Starting across from Kilkenny Castle, the first port of call is the City Hall, then on to the Court House and Rothe House. After that it’s on down to St. Francis Abbey Brewery, St. Canices Church, Butt’s Green, Bishop’s Palace, St Canice’s Cathedral and over to the Black Abbey and St. Marys Cathedral. The road train continues on and takes in Desart Hall, Talbots Tower, Butler House and St. Patricks Graveyard. 

It’s an experience not to be missed with 15 historical sites or an evening tour with stories about Kilkenny’s ghosts and witches.

Kilkenny sign

The Kilkenny Way

The Kilkenny way offer a unique experience centred on the art of hurling, the world’s oldest and fastest field game. Where better to experience this than in Ireland’s most successful hurling strong hold.

Your adventure will give you an insight into the history of hurling, the greats of the game and show you the basics skills of the modern game. During your visit you’ll get a chance to put all that you’ve learnt to use as you take to the famous field of Nolan Park.

Your unforgettable day will finish off in Legend's Hurling Bar as they treat you to a bowl of their fresh Irish Lamb stew. Make sure you don’t miss out!

hurling kilkenny

Go With the Flow - River Adventures

Kilkenny has some of the most incredible natural rivers that Ireland has to offer, with the county bordered by the River Suir, River Barrow, The Nore and The Dinin River.  

Go With the Flow - River Adventures provide a wide range of water activities that are situated on these main rivers. With the large variety of canoeing and kayaking you won’t be able to choose either oar. 

You’ll be in for some thrills going down weirs and waterfalls, gliding through rapids and splashing through the white water all whilst taking in the beautiful scenery and wildlife that thrive in the area. They cater for all ages and all skill levels from beginner to experienced water sport enthusiasts. Whether you’re a nature lover or thrill seeker Go With the Flow combine the two for a unique experience.

Kilkenny Castle

One of the most iconic and stand out attractions has to be Kilkenny Castle. Over the years many additions and alterations have been made to restore and refurbish the castle, this has given Kilkenny Castle a unique style in architecture.

Combining both modern and old fashioned architecture it integrates both history and modern life. The castle gardens are 21 acres of spectacular backdrop bursting with natural greenery. The castle is open all year round and guided and self-guided tours are available.


Smithwick's Experience

This new multi-sensory and interactive experience will take visitors on a journey through the medieval origins of brewing on the site of the St. Francis Abbey Brewery to the arrival of John Smithwick in the 1700’s, and right up to the present day. Visitors will be fully immersed in the history of Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest beer brand, the amazing heritage of the Smithwick’s family and its place in Kilkenny, a city steeped in history and brewing.

Each tour lasts approximately 70 minutes and you are welcomed to the brewery by a giant seven foot high hologram monk. During the tour, the Smithwick’s brewing process will be brought to life with visitors having the opportunity to experience the smells, tastes and textures of the raw materials involved in creating the perfect pint of ale.

Smithwick's Experience
*Photos credited to Failte Ireland



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