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InterRail Summer Party

Last Chance - head for Budapest for the Interrail party next Monday, 8th August!

Niamh's Interrail Diary - Part 4: Prague

2 more nights another country done!! We travelled from Berlin to Prague for a two night stay in the Clown and Bard Hostel! The hostel was very big with a lovely bar and loads of information readily available on tours and things to do in the city! However, it wasn't ideal for us carrying suitcases as we were on the sixth floor with no elevator/lift! It was about a 20/25 minute walk into town from the hostel however, we're all getting very lazy at this stage and decided to take taxis as it was very cheap!

On our first night we joined the drunken monkey pub crawl which was my highlight staying in Prague! We met so many other interrailers on this and made many new friends! We stayed in the first pub for 2 hours and they had many games ongoing such as beer pong, pool, flip cup etc. There were 4 more pubs after this which included an 80s disco bar, and an exclusive club at the end which we had free entry into! 


On our second day we went on a free walking tour which began in the old town square! The tour lasted approximately 3 hours and was a brilliant way to see all the history and sights in the beautiful city of Prague! Our tour guide was called Alfred and he was very enthusiastic and helpful if any of the group had questions! Some of the sights which we were brought to on the tour were the clock tower in the square, old churches around the city and also many different monuments!

Two things which were not included on the tour which we were interested in were the Charles Bridge and the John Lennon Wall! We asked Alfred to point us in the right direction and we visited these sights afterwards too! The John Lennon wall had amazing art and graffiti which many tourists had signed over the years!


To finish off our last day in Prague we visited an ice bar. The price of this ice bar was about €8 which included one free cocktail and entry to the ice bar for 20 minutes! This might not sound like a long time but once inside you wouldn't want to be in there for much longer! I thoroughly enjoyed my two days in Prague as it was a beautiful city with much to do! Now it's on to Vienna :)!





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