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My name is Sorcha Donohoe. I started working Customer Service Agent with Iarnród Éireann this Summer. I found out about the position when I was tagged in a status on Facebook. With my aunty in my ear I made the decision to apply.


After a two day customer service training course, where we learned how to deal with customers, manual handling and the importance of a smile, I was expecting all hell to break loose when I got to Connolly Station. The Trainers prepared us for the worst but thank God I have yet to encounter many of the scenarios that we were trained for!

Dealing with the public isn't always easy but I definitely have some good stories. My day flies whether I'm behind the information desk or out on the concourse. When I'm behind the desk I answer customer enquiries, personal enquiries, contact and receive calls from stations on the network wanting me to assist the elderly, visually impaired and wheelchair users. There's also a lost and found at the information desk so we have people calling in who may have left something on a train or at the station. 


When I'm on the concourse I help people use ticket machines, give information about train times and platforms. I also give directions and assist people on and off trains. Working in a train station is like no other experience I have ever had. Each person I meet has a new and different story to tell me and I'm more than happy to listen. The things I've seen and heard in the last two weeks some people won't experience in a lifetime.

I’ve helped American tourists and listened to their political views and their plans for the future and told them everything I know about Ireland. Most recently, I was talking to an artist, he showed me a beautiful sketch of his late wife and said maybe he’ll sketch me over the weeks. I was delighted to receive a thank you card from this man a few days later.

One of the greatest things about working for Iarnród Éireann is the staff. I've never met a group of people as friendly and as hard working. They really are a credit to the company. From working at Iarnród Éireann  I have learned an incredible amount in  a very short space of time. I've picked up new skills and developed others. I've given hugs, received smiles and answered the strangest of questions, such as what train do I get to Glasgow and what bus goes to London. Overall it's been a wonderful experience and opportunity. I hope to continue learning and developing here at Connolly Station.



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