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Eighth Amendment Referendum campaign

What is and is not permitted on railway property

Now that the date for the forthcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment has been confirmed, Iarnród Éireann has instituted policies on what is and is not permitted on railway property in terms of canvassing and signage.

While recognising that places such as railway stations where people congregate are attractive for canvassing, our first concern must be that customers have access to stations without impediment. 

To that end, we will only permit canvassing or distribution of literature outside station entrances provided it does not impede access.  Once within station buildings, on platforms, or on board train services, canvassing or distribution of literature is not permitted under any circumstances, and postering is prohibited on any Iarnród Éireann property.

We have circulated the details below to all Iarnród Éireann employees, who will apply them fairly to all referendum groups, and we would request that all referendum groups ensure all canvassers or agents are advised of these provisions.

Canvassing and Publicity during the forthcoming Referendum campaign on the Eighth Amendment on Iarnród Éireann property.
Canvassers for referendum groups or their representatives: 
  • are permitted to canvass and distribute literature outside station building entrances, but without impeding customers as they enter or exit the station
  • may not canvass or distribute literature within station buildings, on platforms or on board trains
  • may not leave literature unattended at station entrances or in buildings, on platforms or on board trains
  • may not display any portable, free-standing signage adjacent anywhere on the property while canvassing
  • may not erect posters, banners or any other material on fencing, lampposts or any other surface on Iarnród Éireann property, including car parks and bridges.  Anyone erecting such material will be told to stop and remove them; if posters are erected and discovered by Iarnród Éireann colleagues after the event, they will be removed and destroyed
  • may not use community noticeboards or any such facility to display promotional information for any position on the referendum.  Any such material discovered should be removed and destroyed
  • may park branded cars and other vehicles whilst canvassing, but should remove these at the completion of canvassing to ensure spaces are available for customers.  Such vehicles should only be parked in marked spaces, and should not be permitted to cause an obstruction.  They will be subject to normal parking fees

In addition:

  • Promotional photography or media events are not permitted at stations, on trains or at other Iarnród Éireann sites
  • Paid advertising expressing an opinion on the referendum on outdoor advertising sites or onboard trains are not permitted for this referendum campaign, and we have instructed our contractor Exterion Media not to accept such advertising

Referendum groups seeking clarification or guidance on these policies should contact Corporate Communications in Iarnród Éireann at or by calling (0)1 8366222.


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