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Rail Level Crossings

Safety at Unattended Level Crossings

There are more than 1000 Unattended Level Crossings on the Iarnród Éireann Network. These are level crossings where a member of the public, the user, will have to open and shut the gates. Under the Railway Safety Act 2005 persons who fail to shut gates after use are liable to a fine in excess of €1000.

  • Always expect a train!
  • Stop, Look both ways, listen
  • When the Railway is clear, cross quickly
  • Shut & fasten the gate after you, it's the law!

Remember, never ever stop on the railway line and always expect a train 

At these crossings it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that it is safe to cross and that trains and their passengers are not endangered.

Detailed Information on Level Crossings is available in two handy booklet formats from the RSA and Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail or on our Live Map here.

 Do's and Dont's at Level Crossings
Always expect a train Don't ever think it's safe to predict when the next train will come
Always use the Rail Cross Code at unattended railway crossings Don't drive onto the railway until you can see enough free space on the other side
Always obey road signs and markings Don't blindly follow a vehicle across the railway crossing
Always switch off music systems and put away mobile phones Don't stop on the railway crossing
Always control children and animals in your care Don't park and leave your vehicle near the railway crossing
Always dismount if you are a cyclist or horse rider Don't overtake another vehicle on or when approaching the railway crossing
Always shut and fasten the gates after crossing the railway Don't play, or wear hoods or headphones, on or near railway tracks

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