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InterRail Summer Party

Niamh's Interrail Diary Part 3 - Berlin

The road to the Interrail Summer Party in Budapest continues.  Next stop for Niamh is Berlin.

Another 3 nights in another city finished! Berlin was a very interesting city! We stayed in Happy Go Lucky Hostel which was situated right beside Charlottenburg train station! The staff were very helpful and the room was very spacious however, it was a very quiet hostel and more suited for families and people travelling alone! There was a no noise rule after 9 which wasn't ideal for 4 friends who were going out clubbing!

Our first night in the city we went to a club called suicide circus which was very difficult to get in to! They would not allow groups in together so we had to split up and go in in twos! It stays open until 9a.m which is unheard of in Ireland! We didn't make it until closing though as we were all very tired from travelling for 6 hours on the train earlier that day!

On our first full day in Berlin we went on a sightseeing bus tour so that we could refresh our knowledge on some of the historical events and also Berlin is a very spread out city so we were afraid we'd miss something along the way! Unfortunately we were caught in the middle of a thunder and lightening storm for two hours so we could only get off at one stop along the way!

The following day we went back into the city to see the landmarks/memorials which we were most interested in; Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg gate.

Berlin is a very historical city and anybody interested in World War II would love all of the memorials and monuments! All in all we highly enjoyed Berlin and will catch up again once we are finished in Prague!


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