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DART & Short Hop Zone Fares

DART and Short Hop Zone includes all stations in the Dublin area from Greystones to Balbriggan, from Dublin City Centre stations to Maynooth and from Dublin Heuston to Hazelhatch including all DART services.

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Dart Short Hop

Fares Calculator

Select an origin and destination below from the drop down options and select "Go" to view the Short Hop Zone fares.  Go to our Ticket Information section for an explanation of the tickets available.

These fares are valid from 1st December 2015.

*Schoolchild and Scholar Smart Card fares are subject to time and day restrictions and are only available on smartcards, to apply for a smartcard go to our schoolchild or scholar ticket information section.

Day/Weekly/Monthly Tickets

We have a wide range of tickets and fares to suit everyone, so whether you are travelling to work or college every day or whether you just want to take a day trip with the family, then we have the ticket just for you. 

These tickets offer unlimited travel within the short hop zone (see map above) for the specified time period. These fares are valid from 1st December 2015.

Adult & Family Day Tickets
Adult All Day Rail Only €11.40
Family All Day Rail Only €20.00
Adult '3 Day' & Weekly Tickets
3 Day Rail Only €26.50
Adult Monthly Tickets
Rail Only €146.00
Rail & Luas €176.00
Student Weekly & Monthly Tickets
Monthly Rail Only €99.50
Leap Student Travelcard is required for these tickets, for more information go to our student section.  
Adult Annual Tickets
Rail Only €1460.00
Rail & Bus €1760.00
Rail & Luas €1760.00
Rail, Bus & Luas €2140.00
CIE ID is required for these tickets, for more information go to our ticket information section.