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There are two types of smartcards for rail customers; the Leap Card or the Iarnród Éireann rail only smartcard.  Iarnród Éireann is phasing out its rail only option as and when current products are available on the Leap Card.
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Leap Card

A Leap Card  can be used on DART & Commuter services, Dublin Bus and Luas. Save up to 18% with Leap card versus cash fares. Leap also offers flexibility, convenience and is safer than carrying cash.

Go to our fares calculator in order to compare Leap card fares versus cash fares at our stations for your journey.

Leap Card Capping -

If you make lots of trips with your Leap Card on a daily or weekly (Mon to Sun) basis, a maximum cap value will be applied to your travel credit spend. The system will automatically cap your spend as follows:

Leap Card Capping
Iarnród Éireann Daily Cap €9.20 €6.90 €3.10
Iarnród Éireann Weekly Cap €35.50 €27.00 €12.00
All Operators Daily Cap €10.00 €7.50 €3.50
All Operators Weekly Cap €40.00 €30.00 €14.00

This offers customers even greater value when they travel in the greater Dublin area because once you hit the cap value on the applicable transport operator, no further travel credit will be deducted as you use your Leap Card. Please note, even once you hit the cap value, you should still Touch On and Touch Off as normal in order to have a valid ticket. For more information go to Leap Card Capping.

Iarnród Éireann Smartcard

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail would like to advise customers that on-line top up on our interim Smart Card scheme will not be available on-line after the 7th April 2014. Please note that you can top-up via Ticket Machines at stations until July 2014. The interim Smart Card scheme will be phased out by July 2014.

Why not use up all of the credit you have on your Iarnród Éireann Smartcard and trade up to a FREE Leap Card today.