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Car Park Extension works - Maynooth Station

04 July 2019

Works on the extension to Maynooth car park commenced on the 8th July for 14 weeks.

Customers are advised that access via Platform 2 will be restricted to those who need assistance while travelling for the duration of the construction period

Work is due to commence on 8th July next to extend the car park on the north side of Maynooth station by 38 spaces. The construction process will be ongoing for 14 weeks. During this time access to the station via platform 2 will be restricted to those who need assistance when travelling. All other customers must access platform 2 via the footbridge in the station during this time.

Iarnród Éireann is asking mobility impaired customers and those who need assistance when travelling to give 30 minutes notice to staff at Maynooth station before arriving at the station so access can be granted. Maynooth station can be contacted on (01) 628 5509.

This extension to Maynooth car park will be followed by an extension to the car park at the south side of the station with an additional 34 spaces being provided. Subject to planning approval it is expected that construction will commence in the Autumn of this year. When both extensions are complete there will be a total of 257 car parking spaces at Maynooth station.

This project is part of Iarnród Éireann’s car park expansion programme, which is funded by the National Transport Authority.

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