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I am having problems booking?

The internet browser you are using may not be supported by The following browsers versions are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ to check, open the browser, go to "Help" and "About Internet Explorer".  To upgrade go to Internet Explorer website
  • Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1+ to check or upgrade, open the browser, click on the Firefox icon (usually top left hand corner), and select "Help" and "About Firefox". If an upgrade is available the pop up message will ask you if you want to upgrade.  
  • Google Chrome V16.0.912.75+ to check or upgrade, open the browser, select the 'spanner' icon, select "About Google Chrome".  This will check and if necessary automatically update the version.

If you are still experiencing trouble try a different browser or alternatively contact our Customer Information Centre on (0)1 836 6222 who can help you or make the booking for you.