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Dublin Drogheda and Dundalk Rail Fares

Book online in advance to avail of our lowest web fares. The easiest way to find our best value fares is to use the Journey Planner to plan your trip step by step. Simply click the button below and enter your travel requirements into the 'From' and 'To' fields, select your date(s) of travel and click 'Go'.

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Fares Calculator

Select an origin and destination below from the drop down options and select 'Go' to view our ticket  office fares.

Alternatively, for a full list of ticket types and fares for our Dublin Heuston - Dundalk route, check the chart below, simply follow the guideline provided.

Dublin Connolly - Dundalk Fare Grid

For a full list of ticket types and fares for our Dublin Connolly - Dundalk route, simply follow the guidelines below;         

  • Note the letter where your origin and destination stations intersect on the grid eg fare letter Connolly to/from Drogheda = E
  • Using that letter check the Tickets and Fares Chart (below) to view the tickets and fares available for that station combination
  • The fare grids are not screen reader friendly so anyone using a screen reader please contact us for any fares information you require
  • Children under 5 do not need a ticket in order to travel, however in order to guarantee a seat it is recommended that a seat only reservation is purchased.

Dublin Connolly - Dundalk Tickets and Fares Chart

For information on ticket types please visit our Ticket Information section.

Dublin Connolly - Dundalk Tickets and Fares
Ticket Type A B C D E F G
Adult Single €6.00 €8.80  €11.35  €13.55  €14.95 €16.95 €21.50
Adult Single (Off-Peak Note 1) €6.00 €8.20 €10.45 €13.05 €14.00 €16.50 €19.70
Adult Day Return €11.05 €15.50 €18.95 €21.15 €24.35 €27.20 €31.65
Adult Day Return (Off-Peak Note 1) €9.10 €12.25 €12.85  €14.30 €15.00 €19.15 €21.30
Adult Open Return €11.95 €16.70 €20.30 €23.10 €26.35 €29.75 €35.20
Adult Weekly €37.15 €50.64 €54.40 €71.65 €76.50 €98.60 €101.85
Adult Monthly €130.00 €178.00 €202.00  €237.00 €264.00  €329.00 €362.00
Child Weekly €13.80 €18.80 €20.20 €26.60 €28.40 €36.60 €37.80
Child Monthly €48.50 €72.00 €848 €108.00 €117.00 €147.00 €158.40
Family Day Return €16.50 €20.00  €24.50  €27.00  €31.50  €36.50  €41.00
Family Open Return €25.50  €31.00  €38.50   €43.50 €49.50 €49.50 €65.00
Student Single €6.00 €9.00 €12.50 €14.00 €14.50 €15.00 €17.00
Student Return €7.70 €11.20 €15.40 €17.40  €18.00  €19.00  €21.00
Student Weekly (Note 2) €30.50 €38.50 €41.50 €55.00 €63.00 €76.00  €84.00
Student Monthly (Note 2) €91.00 €122.00 €133.00 €178.00 €194.00 €241.00 €260.00

If you cannot find a fare or require information on cross route tickets and fares eg Dundalk - Sligo, please contact us.

Child Fares - Fares for children of 5 to 15 years of age are charged half of the adult fare up to a maximum fare of €31 (excluding weekly/monthly season tickets).

Note 1: Off-Peak Promotion - Available after 09:30hrs Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday. Valid between Dundalk to/from Dublin Connolly including all intermediate stations.

Note 2: ID Requirements - Valid ID is required for Student Weekly and Monthly tickets, for more information go to our student section