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Wheelchair users

Please select the passenger(s) the wheelchair space is required for. Once selected we will only show services where wheelchair(s) spaces are available to book based on your Tickets Explained section.

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Free Travel Pass or Valid Ticket
Free Travel Pass or Valid Ticket

Is an option for customers who are in possession of Free Travel Pass, a valid standard class ticket(s), seasonal ticket(s), Taxsaver ticket(s) or InterRail to book onto a train in standard class and, where available a reserved seat is assigned. Customers who have a valid standard class ticket but wish to upgrade to First Class should also use this option. For more information go to Tickets Explained section.

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Iarnród Éireann Safety and Security


  • Stand behind the yellow lines. Stand back from the platform edge, trains may pass at speed
  • Cross by the footbridges or subways only, do not trespass on the track or beyond platform limits
  • Always wait until the train stops before opening doors and never attempt to board or disembark a moving train
  • Never place heavy luggage in the overhead racks
  • Use caution when moving through the carriages on a moving train and use handrails, where provided
  • Take special care when using stairways, escalators and bridges - particularly in cold or wet weather when conditions may be slippery
  • Always walk, never run on any platform

Motorists, Level Crossings and Bridges

  • Take notice, read and follow all signs and instructions
  • Always stop your vehicle when level crossing gates are closing or closed, or warning lights are illuminated. Wait for the crossing gates to fully open and lights to extinguish, then proceed with caution
  • Never drive around gates while they are closing or opening
  • At Unattended Level Crossing read the signage/notices before crossings. Stop,
  • Look and Listen
  • To get more information on how to use unattended level crossings, download a copy of our Unattended Level Crossing Safety Booklet or you can view our Level Crossings on Google Maps
  • Drivers of high vehicles should drive under bridges with caution. You should know the height of your vehicle and load at all times, and you are required by law to obey statutory height restriction signs. Click the following link to check the bridge heights on your route

Parents and Children

  • Don't play on or near railway tracks. Remember, apart from the risk of injury or death, trespassing can result in a fine of €1,000
  • Don't play near high voltage electric cables or overhead lines
  • Don't take shortcuts across tracks, remember trains may operate at any time of the day or night
  • Don't throw stones at trains; passengers have been scarred for life and could even be killed
  • Help us to keep our railways safe


  • Passengers should take care of their personal belongings, both in stations and whilst travelling on trains
  • Iarnród Éireann are not liable for any personal belongings lost or stolen
  • Passengers should never leave their baggage unattended
  • Anyone who believes they have located a suspicious object in a station should bring it to the attention of station staff
  • Anyone who believes they have located a suspicious object on a train should bring it to the attention of IE staff on the train or at the next station stop. Using Emergency Brake Handles on board the train is not normally the appropriate response to the finding of a suspicious object, unless there is further evidence of a real and immediate threat to safety